At the begining of the year I felt as if I had everything figured out and very well planned: 50hr yoga intensive training, 200hr YTT, save $12,000 in a 6 month span, clean and declutter my house, rennovate a couple areas of it, go to the beach every other day, start an herb garden, be more attentive to my health, start up this blog geared towards a plant based lifestyle, as well as overall personal care tips/life journey, so on and so on.

It is now March 2nd, full Moon is making its way out and I’m back to feeling how she has been making me feel every cylce since I began being more intuitive to myself and everything around: anxious. It is a crawling out of my skin-cannot function, want to drive far far away from my job and house and turn my brain off, but usually the end result is me curled up in bed crying until this wave of unexplained emotions passes over.

I’m currently sitting at my desk at work while I write this, but took a pause to light some Palo Santo and take a couple breaths; feel a tad bit better. Now, I am swifting through the internet for raw vegan raspberry vanilla cake recipies even though I’m doing a mostly raw thing for the next 7 days because I just spent the past 10 days stuffing my face with all the Puertorican goodies you can imagine! Bacalaitos (fried cod in batter), Tres Leches, Sweet bread sandwhiches for breakfast/lunch/dinner and not to mention ice cream and chocolate like there is no tomorrow. Oh! and shrimp even though I’m highly allergic (relax, I know the consequences and my body). Last year my skin and migraine issues went spiriling out of control and cutting out almost all dairy and processed sugars helped curb it all, and is what motivated me to become mostly plant based. I no longer eat red meats, I eat chicken once every couple weeks (can’t even stomach the smell at times) and same with sea animals.

Writing all this out has helped me clear my mind and give me some direction on how to tackle some things… If you’re with me on this journey, you’ll come to see that this is usually how I handle stuff 🙂

Until next post, or recipie or update !

– Love & Light ❤

Ask and you shall receive

I’ve had an internal battle for quite some time and it wasn’t until recently that I decided to really listen, trust and go forward. As my life is getting ready to turn itself upside down, yet once more, I am showed by the Universe that this is the right path and that I am ready.

This week has really been something – asking for guidance and receiving answers not once, twice, but FOUR times! All of them have taken me by surprise, close to knocking the wind out of me. And today while at my desk, getting ready to take on the day I wrote a small note to the Universe and in that moment I knew…


We all have divinity in our phyisical bodies and anyone who says the oppposite hasn’t yet experienced it. We are cosmic, full of light, power and love. 


Love and Light,

– Ephie

No such things as coincidence



1 : the quality or fact of being synchronous

2 : the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality — used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung


A funny thing occurs when you surround yourself with people of your same vibrational frequency and clear out all the negative energy clouding you.

I’ve been going through a personal spat for the past year – except this time last year I had put my foot down and decided to care for myself in its entirety. I dove head into my meditation and yoga practice, attended workshops, found multiple creative outlets and during four and a half months my mental health had never been better. Along the way I encountered some rough patches due to my past coming back, my present going into turmoil and just personally not having the energy…

But as mentioned before, who you allow into your inner/personal circle has a lot to do with how you treat yourself and handle your surroundings. I moved back home August of ’17 and I really believed living there this time would be completely different than what I had to endure for 20 years and would get the environment to heal that I very much needed – I was wrong, but that hasn’t stopped me from making the most of it and actually trying to turn it into a place of love, light and peace.

A natural disaster struck, forcing us to evacuate 1,200 miles away and during that time I tried reclaiming my space with little success, but still making strives. I allowed myself to be more open to the Universe and whatever guidance she wanted to give me and this really turned into something fruitful. I started noticing things – the wind caressing my face, how the sun shined on a particular surface, what creature came up to me, how I could hear the loudness of silence and most importantly the messages she so blatantly put in my way. One of these came to me as the Magic Woman who has taught me many things and continues to surprise me each every single time we interact. And that is what this entry is about: acknowledging the blessings and messages being put in my way.

Today of all days I am listening to her and letting myself be guided. This morning I woke up very peacefully and with a slight pull, yet I did not know what it was or meant, but it was telling me to meditate. So there I was at 5:05am in my bed, setting a five minute alarm (to make sure I wouldn’t fall asleep and be late for work) I did fall asleep or maybe it was deep meditation. I got to work and instead of going straight to my office and starting my work and school week I went to our Drill hall and did yoga and it was blissful, hard, but very rewarding and I saw the light.

If you’re still reading this, know that for weeks I’ve been seeing the number 123 and I finally know what it is. Today is January 23rd, 2018 = 1/23/18. The year 2018 comes out to 11, which is the master number of intuition, psychic connection and manifestation. Moving on, 1/23/18 can be interpreted as 123/9 AND the word of the day just happens to be Synchronicity