I did it…

I finally followed through with caring for my mental health on a Professional level.

If I want to be of service for others that are going or will go through my same situations, why not care for myself so that I can do the same for them. I can not and will never expect anyone to do something I myself wouldn’t do.

When I am having good days, I question why did I even make that initial appointment or think that I may need help. But, when I am having bad days it’s like the help can’t get to me fast enough. After speaking with a psychologist about my life experiences, how being in the military has been and my current situations, she recommended that I get screened by a psychiatrist…

I know how big pharma works and how our health care system is and that wasn’t something that I wanted to hear. I have also had issues with prescription medication in the past and can proudly say that it’s been 7 years now since I’ve put anything harmful/mind alterning into my body. But because there are things that have been affecting me since I was in my early teens and situations that could’ve manipulated my chemical composition as far back as being in utero I complied, but made it known that medication isn’t my first option of treatment and will refuse unless the evidence deems it.

So until I get screened, the psychologist asked me to track my behavior/feelings for the next 10 days. It’s been a good two days so far, a lot of high energy vibration. Another human being like myself would understand and deem it vibrational harmony with the Universe, the others could perceive as if I possibly am delusional.

I’ve learned to go about my life not caring what other people think and staying true to my authentic quirky eccentric self.


~ love & light,



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