At the begining of the year I felt as if I had everything figured out and very well planned: 50hr yoga intensive training, 200hr YTT, save $12,000 in a 6 month span, clean and declutter my house, rennovate a couple areas of it, go to the beach every other day, start an herb garden, be more attentive to my health, start up this blog geared towards a plant based lifestyle, as well as overall personal care tips/life journey, so on and so on.

It is now March 2nd, full Moon is making its way out and I’m back to feeling how she has been making me feel every cylce since I began being more intuitive to myself and everything around: anxious. It is a crawling out of my skin-cannot function, want to drive far far away from my job and house and turn my brain off, but usually the end result is me curled up in bed crying until this wave of unexplained emotions passes over.

I’m currently sitting at my desk at work while I write this, but took a pause to light some Palo Santo and take a couple breaths; feel a tad bit better. Now, I am swifting through the internet for raw vegan raspberry vanilla cake recipies even though I’m doing a mostly raw thing for the next 7 days because I just spent the past 10 days stuffing my face with all the Puertorican goodies you can imagine! Bacalaitos (fried cod in batter), Tres Leches, Sweet bread sandwhiches for breakfast/lunch/dinner and not to mention ice cream and chocolate like there is no tomorrow. Oh! and shrimp even though I’m highly allergic (relax, I know the consequences and my body). Last year my skin and migraine issues went spiriling out of control and cutting out almost all dairy and processed sugars helped curb it all, and is what motivated me to become mostly plant based. I no longer eat red meats, I eat chicken once every couple weeks (can’t even stomach the smell at times) and same with sea animals.

Writing all this out has helped me clear my mind and give me some direction on how to tackle some things… If you’re with me on this journey, you’ll come to see that this is usually how I handle stuff 🙂

Until next post, or recipie or update !

– Love & Light ❤

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